STM (Synthetic Transaction Monitoring) Framework provides infrastructure and tools for scheduling and executing synthetic scenarios via Windows Azure. The framework is used by many teams in Microsoft for running functional tests against live production services as part of a monitoring solution.

Fundamentally, the framework is about running synthetic transactions (or tests) in scale from Window Azure with built in support for scheduling. The ecosystem around it includes health monitoring, alerts, integration with SCOM, support for running MSTest Load Tests and much more.

  • The framework supports running synth transactions in great scale via Windows Azure.
  • Built in support for scheduling.
  • Full support for data driven scenarios (the data is stored in SQL Azure)
  • PowerShell support for all database/storage operations
  • Web client application for management and live presentation of test results and latencies
  • Results are stored in SQL Azure.
  • Generic support for filtering failures and sending email alerts.
  • Continuous Integration via CruiseControl
  • Support for MSTest
  • Support for running VS Load Tests (.loadtest) - comming soon

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